Cast Iron CAD has worked on a wide variety of projects for a diverse range of clients. We are extremely adaptable and our team of design engineers can find a solution to almost any kind of problem. Find out more about some of our previous projects below.

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Educational toy - Numbuko™

Complete design from concept idea to electronics, materials and programming
Numbuko represents a revolution in the way that children learn about numbers. Instead of using books or screen-based activities, Numbuko™ uses magnetic, luminous, colour-changing blocks to engage with your child’s natural curiosity and sense of play.

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Intercom and access control

Aluminium and stainless housing designed to incorporate the clients existing 4G electronics into a robust, access intercom, designed for high-end applications. Complete MRP system engineered to ensure that stock is always available to accommodate predicted sales demand.

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Teardrop trailer frame

Cast Iron CAD was tasked with designing a new type of sports trailer. Based around the caravan, this new concept is lighter, cheaper and more adaptable, making it ideal for storing sporting equipment such as surfboards and mountain bikes. The trailer is small enough to fit in a garage for winter storage when not in use. This exciting project is still in development with our client. 

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NCP Barcode parking post


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FEA evaluation


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Medical printer prototype

This project required a collaborative effort between the Cast Iron CAD team, pulling upon the knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineers and our software development team. Due to the nature of this project, the function of the equipment is confidential.

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Open plan office - furniture design


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Airbourne wind turbine

This project was developed based on a concept for off-grid wind turbines that are easily transportable. The body of the unit is inflatable, reducing its size to aid transport.  

Aerodynamics formed an important part of this turbines design, helping the construction maintain its position in the sky when in operation. This was combined with a construction filled with lighter than air gas to maintain lift when the wind dropped.  

Cast Iron CAD looked after the whole project for our client, taking it from the concept phase through to a patentable product.

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Gearing system

Our client requested for us to design a new type of gearing system so replace an existing mechanism. This new gearing system required a number of different cam mechanisms to produce the necessary motion, and was a considerable improvement on their previous system, going from a jarring to a smooth gliding motion.  

Although the application for this cannot be disclosed, this product part is of a complex process used in the transportation of fragile materials. 

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Phone housing - quick dial 4G


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Artefact submersion tank

This artefact submersion tank was developed for the Mary Rose Trust, a UK organisation responsible for conserving and displaying the Mary Rose, a Tudor ship that sank in 1545.

The tank is part of a complex preservation process, allowing artifacts found in the wreck to be preserved and then displayed safely. The preservation treatment process is similar to how the ship was preserved, but the controlled environment allows the process to take place significantly quicker. Once treatment in the tank is complete, the items can be safely displayed in the museum without them being at risk of degrading or falling apart.

The brief required the tank to be fully insulated against the environment with a submersion heater to maintain functional temperature. The tank measured 2m by 2m allowing it to treat items like smaller weapons and large pieces of furniture.

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3D facility scan

Carried out for a major explosion protection engineering company based in the UK, our client required a full 3D scan of a refinery in Lithuania. Covering over 500,000m2, the refinery was scanned using a Leica Scan Station and then imported to an AutoCAD drawing. Our drafting team detailed a plan view, side views & created sectional views in AutoCAD based of the 3D image

The detailed views we’re then altered to include information relating to over 600 explosive risk areas within the site, which were marked as zones on the drawing.  

This important document now forms the basis for their site safety procedure.

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Detailed engineering drawings

Detailed engineering drawing and design forms the basis of much of our work. We always meet BS8888:2013, ensuring a smooth transition between the design concept and manufacturing phases. Our parametric 3D design capability helps us improve product development times, resulting in your product being delivered to market quicker.

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Pressure vessel

This project was designed for the food and beverage industry and needed to be flexible to allow it to be used for a range of different capacities and operating pressures.  

A brand new sealing mechanism was incorporated that was later accredited by 3A, an independent food, beverage and pharmaceutical sanitary standards organisation.  It is also fully compliant with pressure vessel codes for international sales.  

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Water Recycling

Designed for water seperation from waste collected from road highway sweepers, water collected using this water segregation tipper is then treated and reused to clean more highways, agregate is then be tipped and recycled.